Telehealth Specialist

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Telehealth Specialist

Technology has revolutionized many aspects of health and wellness, and telehealth is an outstanding example. This approach allows you to connect with your provider at Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusions in Katy, Texas, when and where needed, without having to travel. Call the office to schedule a telehealth visit, or book online at your earliest convenience.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the combination of technology with outstanding health services. It offers the chance for you to connect with your health team without having to travel to a physical office location. 

Many people assume telehealth is a new development in health care, but the approach has been in use for decades. As soon as telephones became a part of most American homes, telehealth became an option. 

The advancement of digital video technology made telehealth an even better resource. You can now not only speak with your practitioner about your needs, but actually interact in a virtual face-to-face manner. This expands the ability of your provider to diagnose your symptoms. 


What are the benefits of telehealth visits?

Convenience is a primary benefit of telehealth. The ability to interact with your health team when and where you like expands access to health services. 

Not having to drive across town to various locations saves time, not to mention the expense of gas. This means less time lost from school, work, or family. 

Telehealth is also a great option for people who have compromised immune systems. Getting the care you need without having to navigate a crowded waiting room can preserve your health and prevent you from contracting infectious disease. 

For parents, telehealth provides a means of getting health services for little ones without having to transport them to a different location. Kids can receive high quality care in a familiar setting where they are comfortable. That’s a benefit for both parents and children.  


How should I prepare for my telehealth appointment?

A bit of preparation can make your telehealth visits far more productive. Begin by thinking about where you will set up for your appointment. If you share your home with others, try to find a place that is quiet, outside of the flow of traffic. 

You might also consider your lighting. Your provider needs to see you in order to accurately diagnose certain conditions. You might need to move some lamps or position yourself near a window to brighten your space. 

Finally, be sure to think about what you’d like to achieve during your visit. Just like with in-person health visits, creating a written list of questions and concerns ensures you won’t forget anything when meeting with your provider. 

When you’re ready to explore all that telehealth has to offer, call Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusions to book a visit. Online scheduling is also an option, and is fast and easy.