IV Vitamin Therapy Specialist

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IV Vitamin Therapy Specialist

What is IV vitamin therapy?

You’re probably familiar with the use of intravenous therapy in emergency rooms and medical settings. The process involves accessing a vein to deliver saline and medications directly into your bloodstream. 

IV vitamin therapy uses the same tools and techniques to give you an immediate hydration and nutrient boost. It’s become an incredibly popular wellness treatment across the nation, and many people incorporate IV vitamin therapy into their ongoing health and wellness routines.

Having an IV placed is a straightforward process. Your practitioner uses a needle to place a thin medical tube into a vein on your wrist or hand. The tubing remains after the needle is withdrawn, and a piece of surgical tape holds the tubing in place. 

The other end of the tubing is connected to a bag containing saline and a mix of vitamins. The solution slowly drips into your vein, entering your bloodstream and traveling directly to your cells where it goes to work and fuels your body at the most basic level.  


What kinds of IV vitamin therapy are available?

Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusions offers a range of IV vitamin therapy options to suit virtually every set of needs. Each blend is carefully formulated to provide a combination of nutrients that support specific goals. 


Some of the available options include:

Hangover cocktail

Hangover cocktail may help to rehydrate your body and improve symptoms of migraine. 

This is a blend of magnesium, vita complex, Pepcid® (stomach acid reducer), Toradol®, (anti-inflammatory pain medicine), Zofran® (nausea medicine), and 1 liter of hydrating electrolytes.


Glow skin brightening

If you have dehydrated skin, glow skin brightening infusion helps to rejuvenate your complexion. 

A proper dose of vitamin C and glutathione within 2 -3 months* of treatment may result in brighter and healthier skin. 


Immune cocktail

This cocktail has a blend of vitamins, fluids and electrolytes to enhance your immunity. It contains glutathione, vitamin C, zinc sulfate, and 1 litre of hydrating electrolytes. 


Myers cocktail

Myers cocktail may help with dehydration, as well as improve energy levels, mood, and quality of sleep. 

It involves a blend of B-vitamins such as magnesium chloride, thiamine, riboflavin, niacinamide, and vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), and other nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, and 1 liter of hydrating electrolytes. 


Women’s cocktail

This super cocktail for women containing vitamin B-12, Toradol® (anti-inflammatory pain medicine), Zofran® (nausea medicine), and 1 liter of hydrating electrolytes may help relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and uncomfortable menstrual cramps.


Morning sickness cocktail

This cocktail is created for brand new moms or soon-to-be moms by helping to relieve symptoms so you can enjoy your first trimester. 

With folic acid, vitamin B complex, Zofran® (nausea medicine) or vitamin B-6 for women pregnant less than 13 weeks, and 1 liter of hydrating electrolytes, your morning sickness symptoms may improve. 


Pure saline

Do you have symptoms of allergies or feel dry? Pure saline has sodium chloride (salt), which can help replenish electrolytes and restore balance.

To learn more about IV vitamin therapy, begin the process by calling Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusions today or clicking to book an appointment. Walk-in visits are also welcome.  

*Individual results may vary