Why You Should Consider Shifting From In-Person to Telehealth Care

Jan 05, 2024

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Why You Should Consider Shifting From In-Person to Telehealth Care

Telehealth isn’t new, but since the pandemic, the use of remote health services for medical care has increased dramatically. Have you made the shift?

It may feel foreign to meet with your doctor over the Internet when you’re so used to seeing them at the office, but remote health care offers a lot of benefits and is worth trying. 

At Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusions in Katy, Texas, our team sees how telehealth care is changing the health care game. Patients have access to more providers and specialists and greater flexibility when scheduling appointments.

We think telehealth is a win for wellness and want to explain why you should consider shifting from in-person to telehealth care.

Telehealth: More than virtual visits

When you hear telehealth, you may think of virtual visits or meeting with your doctor over a video call instead of face-to-face at the office. However, telehealth is more than remote visits with your provider over the internet. 

Telehealth is any remote medical service, such as:

Electronic prescriptions
Email or text appointment reminders
Electronic medical records
Messages between you and your provider through an online portal
Online health education videos
Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is one of the most amazing telehealth tools, allowing us to track your health remotely. For example, a blood glucose monitor collects and transmits your glucose readings to the office so we can evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment plan and make adjustments quickly. 

Perks of telehealth care

Many people like telehealth because it’s so convenient. Remote health care eliminates the need to drive to an office and take time off work. You have more flexibility with scheduling, and you can avoid the lengthy waits in the office waiting room. Telehealth saves you money and time.

Switching from in-person to telehealth gives you access to more providers and specialists. Your location no longer dictates who you see for medical care. Telehealth gives you an opportunity to find a doctor you connect with, someone who gets you and can help you reach your goals. 

Telehealth also makes it easier to get medication refills, referrals to specialists, and answers to health questions. Additionally, avoiding the doctor’s office reduces your exposure to germs. 

In-person vs. telehealth care

Telehealth provides many benefits, but it may not work for everyone. Shifting from in-person to telehealth care is a personal decision that depends on many factors, like your health needs and your comfort with telecommunication technology. 

Many of the medical services we offer at Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusions are available through telehealth like help with weight loss, management of cardiovascular health, and urgent care.

However, we need to see you in person for physical exams, diagnostic tests, and treatments like injectables. 

Telehealth care opens the health care door, giving you access to more providers, better treatments, and a higher quality of care. 

Are you ready to make the shift? Call our office today or use our online scheduling tool to set up your telehealth appointment.